Exciting News: Travel Mazi Mou Launches

Happy Monday reader!

Finally, after working really hard on this project I can finally announce that I am fulfilling another dream. My dream is that I can share my love and passion for Greece with travelers. Travelers who want to see Greece “like a local”. Immerse yourself with the locals of Greece who will be able to guide you on a journey to explore the hidden gems of the Hellenic world.

Travel Mazi Mou Launches!!

Check out the new website here

What is Travel Mazi Mou?

Travel Mazi Mou  (TMM) is a collaboration of dynamic, passionate, Greek, and American women entrepreneurs coming together “mazi” to share Greek culture and cuisine with others who love travel and fine food.

Chef Krystina Kalapothakos and her team have many years of professional experience with a lifetime of personal history, to create this special adventure we are eager to share it with you!

Come join us on one of our unique odysseys in Greece! 

Why book with us?

Travel Mazi Mou literally walks the adventures before they take place. This ensures a beautiful experience for each of our participants; all the while, building positive relationships with our vendors. We make sure to create an unforgettable experience with memories to last a lifetime.

Our Greek Adventures 2023




Come, Learn, Experience, and Connect with the Greek spirit and ways.
Not just from anyone but from the best of all of Thessaloniki & Corinth!
Cook, Eat and Enjoy Greek Cuisine and Experience Fellowship Like a True Greek.
So What are you waiting for? Ela! Join Me On A Special Adventure!!
We hope to see you on one of the Travel Mazi Mou adventures soon.
Here’s a sneak peek of what you may see with Krystina & Travel Mazi Mou team.



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