Lavender Chicken kabobs with a honey drizzle

Yes I am posting a lot on Lavender! Awww lavender you are taking over my food blog this whole week. HAAAA

*I do love lavender and the benefits of it are amazing. Including cooking with the lavender flowers.

Lavender Chicken Kabobs with a honey drizzle RecipeImage


4 chicken breasts- cut in cubes- try to do 20 cubes

2 bell peppers, red, orange and green if you like

A bunch of white mushrooms

10 slices of bacon to wrap the chicken/ I usually only wrap half of the chicken cubes

Pineapple slices- 20

1 lg onion cut in cubes

A pack of wooden skewers


2 fresh lemons juiced

1/2 tsp. paprika

1 teaspoon of lavender flowers grounded and mixed with sea salt

1/4 cup of honey

1/2 tsp. of basil

A pinch of red pepper flakes


Dice all of your veges and pineapple. Set aside onto a plate. Next, cube your chicken and set aside on a baking sheet lined with paper. Next take your bacon and cut the slices in half. Wrap each slice around each cube of chicken.

Take your skewers and line them out onto the baking pan. Put about 2 big pieces of cubed chicken and then your veges and pineapple. Line them up into rows. If you are barbequing them, have your coals nice and hot and place a big piece of foil on the bq. Then place the skewers on top. If you are cooking them in the oven, place your oven temp at 375 to 400 degrees.

While the skewers are cooking, make your honey drizzle. You will grind the lavender flowers down almost into a powder. Then add about 1 tsp. of sea salt. Set aside in a bowl.

Juice your lemons and whisk in your honey into the lemon juice. If the honey isn’t melting into the juice, feel free to microwave it a few seconds. Add in the basil, paprika, lavender mix and red pepper flakes. Place in the fridge until use.

When your skewers are golden brown and ready to eat, top it off with your honey drizzle and enjoy.

*Tip- You can add some fresh parsley to the top

Kali Orexi


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