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Saturday’s Food For Thought

Saturday’s Food For Thought Is: BARLEY Barley is the Saturday talk. Barley is one of the top foods to eat in order for us to stay healthy.  What are the benefits of barley?  Barley controls blood sugar. Barley lowers glucose levels. Barley beats oats in a glucose study. Barley reduces blood pressure. Cholesterol and visceral fat decrease. Barley helps within our diet.     Barley1.00 cup, cooked200.00 grams270.00 calories Nutrient Amount DV(%) NutrientDensity World’s HealthiestFoods Rating fiber 13.60 g 54.4 3.6 very good selenium 36.40 mcg 52.0 3.5 very good tryptophan 0.12… Read more Saturday’s Food For Thought

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