Cosmo Updates

Hello! Many people have asked me for updates on my dear Cosmo or Cosmaki. I received so many thoughtful msgs and we appreciate that. I didn’t have the energy to honestly write updates on the blog up until now. But I know some people don’t follow me on Facebook & Instagram so it is best to keep everyone in the loop here.

Cosmo Updates

I am including all the updates I shared from the day we took him to Marqueen (March 7th) for an ultrasound and up until now March 27th. I started from the most recent dates.

March 27th

Cosmo is still fighting and he has some energy tonight. First time I have seen him come to the living room with the family and hang out. He even gave me a Cosmo kiss a few times. His right back paw is not in good shape. This is the same paw and leg he has the mast cell tumor on. I am wondering if maybe there is a link between his paw abrasions with cancer. I had a chat with the Med Vet in Salt Lake City Utah as they need golden retrievers who have lymphoma cancer. I don’t think Cosmo would be a good fit because he has a mast cell tumor and we don’t know 100 % if he has lymphoma as well. If you have a golden retriever who suffers from lymphoma cancer, reach out to them here.

March 26th

Long days with Cosmo hoping he will be better. I wish and hope for a damn miracle!! I don’t have pet insurance as I was told it wasn’t worth it. If your dog has a preexisting condition then the insurance company won’t cover anything. I understand we would do anything for our fur kids, and that is what I have done. People ask me to reach out to holistic vets or go the medicinal route. Tonight Cosmo coughed a tiny bit of blood which was very scary. I ended up making Cosmo some cbd cookies which he loved! The cookies are made up of basic ingredients; banana, oats, and peanut butter. I only added in a drop of CBD oil and he loved the cookies.

March 24

Just had a phone call with the vet. Cosmo has a mast cell tumor which is cancerous on his back leg. This doesn’t include everything else that’s happening to him. The vet thought it was a lipoma and it’s not. I think I will be making a very tough choice today!

Life f sucks! This is so unfair. I love Cosmo so much.

March 22, 2022

Today was one of the hardest days and nights for all of us.

Cosmo had a high temperature and he wouldn’t move from his spot all day. He was rushed to his primary vet’s office at Madison Ave Pet Clinic. He got in for an emergency visit. While we were waiting to see what was happening, the vet did a series of tests again. X-rays, blood panels, lymph node cyto, fine needle aspiration for the fatty ball on his hind leg, and more.
Dr. Brick showed me the results and I was holding in the tears. He lost another 8 pounds total of 28 pounds together. He has many issues going on with his stomach as we knew already from the ultrasound yet we can’t say if it’s lymphoma or IBD. His larger intestine is not exactly wrapped around where it should be, meanwhile his white blood count was high. Today’s visit was 1,300. So far I have paid 6,000 within a few weeks. I’m sharing this information for those pet parents who don’t have pet insurance. Btw pet insurance doesn’t cover preexisting conditions .. so be prepared!

I appreciate all the donations that came in. I used the 700 dollars to pay for today’s visit. If Cosmo doesn’t get better by the weekend, we will have to make a tough decision. This has been one of the hardest months for all of us and we appreciate the love and prayers.

I realized I didn’t post updates on my blog so I will do that shortly. I’m on no sleep so please excuse my typos.

March 18, 2023

Today wasn’t a good day. Cosmo is limping on his back right leg. He has some sort of fatty ball on the back of his hind leg and I believe that is bothering him. He has been peeing all over the house from early am. I snapped a video & photo of his back leg to see the ball.
**Please excuse his crazy fur. He needs to be brushed out but it’s hard when he’s limping. Let’s see if we can move his appointment from the 29th to something sooner.

March 17th, 2023

We went on a long 30-minute walk today in Placerville. Cosmo did well and he was leading the walk. He had energy, and he picked up his favorite stick as you can see in the video.
I’m trying to do videos for you guys daily so you can follow along with the progress.
I received a call today from his primary vet and she scheduled an appt on the 29th to see where we are at with Cosmo.

We appreciate your love and msgs! Thank you from all of us.

March 17, 2023

Cosmo is still fighting and hanging in there. He likes his walks in the 🌞 and he still has energy. We cut the Prednisone dosage down a bit per Dr. Brick’s instructions. He’s now on 2 tablets a day vs 4 tablets a day. That would be 20 mg of the steroid. He is still on Entyce stimulant, Sucralfate (coat the stomach), and Cerenia. I did get him the off-brand of Prilosec as well. So many medicines that worry me, to be honest. Eekk 😳
We will see how Cosmo reacts to the lower dosage of the Pred.

Have a beautiful St Patrick’s day. πŸ€

March 15, 2023

Cosmo went to the bathroom (πŸ’©) tonight and it was solid.
He was panting quite a lot on the Prednisone steroid. I feel like this steroid makes him anxious, and he went out to pee roughly 40 x today. I lost count of how many times he went out. 😒

Has anyone else experienced these symptoms with their fur kid on the Pred steroid?

Thank you for the donations around the world!! So far we have reached almost $700.

More updates to come soon. πŸ’™πŸ™

Cosmo & PayPal update πŸ‘‡

We are officially back up and running on the campaign for Cosmo. I don’t know why PayPal did that, but anyway it’s back, and here is the link.

March 14th, 2023

Cosmo is showing some signs of feeling hungry again!! He is on the Entyce appetite stimulant and I just picked up another bottle at Insight Eldorado Hills. This appetite stimulant seems to be working a bit. Cosmo ate his DRY food first time yesterday after not eating it for a month. I was so happy to see that! He did eat his greenie dental bone today this am and he wanted another. I said sure boy, here you go. So, we are seeing some improvement thankfully.
The bad news is that he hasn’t been able to take a poop today. He had massive diarrhea for about 6 days then it stopped. We hope to see some improvement here. It could be because his body is adjusting to the Prednisone steroid. This is day 6 of the Pred on 2 (10) mg tablets in the am and 2 (10) mg tablets in the evening.

We appreciate all of you who have sent your prayers and thoughts!

March 13, 2023

Hey, guys PayPal is giving me a hard time with my campaign for Cosmo. They put a hold on the ridiculous account. Please do not donate right now because they restricted my account. I submitted the information they need but I’m also calling them to get this sorted.

Thank you to the following people:

Kayla, Gina, Stephanie, Diana, Stephen, Mary, Angela, Louisa, Barbara, Pantelis, Christina, Zina, Athina, and Lea.

He did eat yesterday which is good news but he needs to eat his dry food. He just got his Sucralfate medication which is a medicine that helps coat his stomach. I plan to call the vet this afternoon to see where we are at with his Prednisone.πŸ‘ˆπŸ•

March 12, 2023

I decided to create a PayPal campaign to raise funds for Cosmo. Any little bit helps me, and I appreciate it. It’s hard for me now that all my energy is going toward Cosmo and the medicine he needs. A friend of mine mentioned Go Fund and I am embarrassed to ask for any help to be frank. But in all honesty, I do need the help now more than ever.

Thank you for the love and prayers. πŸ™

With love,

Krystina, Cosmo, & Family

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