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Kouzounas Kitchen’s Food Art & Photography

I wanted to share some pictures of my boyfriend’s work and of course my work in the kitchen. 🙂 Hope you enjoy and if you love what you see please take a chance to stop by NestorZ Photography website below. – Cheers PHOTOGRAPHY & FOOD= LOVE   Kourambiethes: (Greek Christmas Cookies)     Winter fruit basket By: NestorZ   Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms Famous Yiayia’s Original Baklava   Thanksgiving Apple Pie   Tiramisu Cupcake   Pastitsio: (Greek Lasagna)   Spanakopita: (Spinach & Cheese Pie)   Croissants       Hope… Read more Kouzounas Kitchen’s Food Art & Photography

Just for my viewers!!

I wanted to create a pumpkin just for my blog. Here it is below! This is dedicated to my viewers! Keep on cooking!! 🙂 You will see another pumpkin below… Read more Just for my viewers!!

Just some pictures…

It’s a lazy Labor Day!!! Happy Labor Day to everyone and hope everyone is enjoying this early Fall weather. The rain came early this morning in Fair Oaks, CA. I received these great photos from Nestor Zaharopoulos Photography. Thank you to my lovely boyfriend for these.  Enjoy these food pictures!! Kouzounas Kitchen Food Art- *Oreo Cupcake Batter   *Oreo Cupcakes! *Croissants   *Tiramisu Cake For My Parents Anniversary     *Smore Pretzels  *Mediterranean Spinach & Cucumber Wrap   *Chocolate Souffle

Sleepy Time..

Wishing everyone a great evening in Cali and anywhere else in the world, good morning, day , or night! 🙂 Beautiful food art right??

It is friday!!! How about some Greek coffee & bagels..

I hope everyone is enjoying their friday, and almost ready for the weekend.  I had to share this picture with you all-  I made Mango & Kumquat Jam yesterday. My first time with this, and it came out great. This might be my next venture for the catering. Jams hmmmm.. What do you think of Mango & Kumquat? – Cheers   * These kumquats came from our own trees and my father always cooks with it, so I said ok I will try something. 🙂   * Like to purchase… Read more It is friday!!! How about some Greek coffee & bagels..

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