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Tag: breads

Maniot Pulled Pitas (Recipe By Kicking Back The Pebbles Blog)

Hello Tuesday! I hope you are well reader and you are enjoying the beginning of the week. Today I am sharing a beautiful Maniot recipe! You know how proud I… Read more Maniot Pulled Pitas (Recipe By Kicking Back The Pebbles Blog)

Ready In Minutes FlatBread

This flatbread recipe is super good and easy to make. I made a new version of Dakos, which is quite similar to Greek bruschetta. Flatbread can be used for bruschetta,… Read more Ready In Minutes FlatBread

~Saturday’s Food For Thought~

It’s a rainy day here in Sacramento, CA but we are still having a great day. Saturday is here, and that means Food For Thought is here!! Today’s thought is on flours, and knowing your flour. Check out the video that I linked in this post below.   What is very interesting about flours in general is that each flour offers a different percentage of protein and depending if you dampened the flours or mix them, they will react differently. Below is a chart to better understand how much… Read more ~Saturday’s Food For Thought~