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Pasxa Recipes (Greek Easter Recipes)

  Kalo Pasxa!  We are right around the corner from Pasxa! I was lucky enough to spend a week in Kefalonia with my dear friend Athina from Kicking Back The… Read more Pasxa Recipes (Greek Easter Recipes)

Delicious Greek Easter Cookies

Koulourakia~ Greek Easter Cookies The best Greek buttery cookies that are scented with orange zest and ouzo. Give this simple recipe a try for Greek Easter and your family will… Read more Delicious Greek Easter Cookies

Kalo Pasxa~ Happy Greek Easter

From all us at Kouzounas Kitchen, wishing you and your family a beautiful Greek Easter!! We hope you enjoy with your loved ones this special Greek Easter Sunday. 💙💙💙🙏🏻🙏🏻 Love,… Read more Kalo Pasxa~ Happy Greek Easter

Kalo Pasxa, Happy Easter!

Happy Happy Easter to everyone!!! I wish you the best Easter Sunday with your family and friends. I am sharing a few pictures of all the food I made. I went a little overboard. 🙂 Spanakopita, Tiropita, Basil & Garlic Hummus, tsoureki, Koulourakia, Baklava, Rosemary Potatoes, and of course our meat is barbecuing now.

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