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Just some pictures…

It’s a lazy Labor Day!!! Happy Labor Day to everyone and hope everyone is enjoying this early Fall weather. The rain came early this morning in Fair Oaks, CA. I received these great photos from Nestor Zaharopoulos Photography. Thank you to my lovely boyfriend for these.  Enjoy these food pictures!! Kouzounas Kitchen Food Art- *Oreo Cupcake Batter   *Oreo Cupcakes! *Croissants   *Tiramisu Cake For My Parents Anniversary     *Smore Pretzels  *Mediterranean Spinach & Cucumber Wrap   *Chocolate Souffle

Cooking all day…

Here are the photos from today’s Pastitsio and Apple Crisps.  ~Enjoy~  All pictures done by Nestor Zaharopoulos Photography. Thank you Nestor for these great photos. 🙂 * Apple Crisps   *Pastitsio 

The Lemon &Blackberry Cheesecake Photos..

This is what the cheesecake looks like after the cooling process and decorated. 🙂 – Cheers Nestor Zaharopoulos Photography  

The Famous Photographer on my Kouzounas Kitchen Website is..

Nestor Zaharopoulos Photography. You probably have seen his work all over my food blog here. Yes, he is the one who makes my website look amazing. I want to thank him for all of his hard work, and unique ideas & most importantly his passion of photography. I have included some photos of his work below. The pictures you see below are from my friend’s bridal shower.  I can’t wait till he helps me with the youtube channel coming late august. Thank you Nestor for being a great photographer!!!!!!!!  … Read more The Famous Photographer on my Kouzounas Kitchen Website is..

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