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Melitzanosalata- (Eggplant Spread) Recipe

Happy Monday! I have been very busy preparing a new and improved store for my Etsy Shop, and for my parent’s Etsy shop. Much has been accomplished today!!! Woo Hooo!! My friend Iason who is currently living in the Netherlands, has missed his Greek food and he reached out to me and asked for an eggplant dip recipe. The perfect one that came to mind was: Melitzanosalata recipe. Take a look at his dish below, and don’t you agree that he did a good job??!! Melitzanosalata- (Eggplant Spread) Recipe Ingredients:… Read more Melitzanosalata- (Eggplant Spread) Recipe

Ghost pepper. Are you brave enough to try it?

I wanted to do a post on the famous GHOST PEPPER. Yes, one of the spiciest peppers in the world. If you love spicy, will you be brave enough to try this? Me, no way! Fun facts about this awesome chili pepper. Originating in India and Bangladesh, the ghost chili pepper was classified as the spiciest in existence by the Guinness Book of World Records back in February of 2007 with a rating of over 1 million units on the Scoville rating scale. Did you know that adding peppers… Read more Ghost pepper. Are you brave enough to try it?

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