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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving from Kouzounas Kitchen to all of you!!! I hope everyone is enjoying their turkey dinners with family & friends.  Is anyone brave enough to go out for Black Friday Shopping? 🙂 * Since today is Thanksgiving,  there won’t be a Featured Recipe Thursday today. Instead it will be posted tomorrow, Friday the 29th. Tune in tomorrow for a new recipe.  

Can tomorrow come any faster?

I am very excited for tomorrow’s Mediterranean Cooking class that I am teaching. I can not wait to show my class how to make spanakopita and a dessert that Pampered Chef Cindy is teaching.  I am making a cute sign for the class as well as finishing up the goodie bags. We are even having a raffle at the end of the night and one lucky winner will win a food basket. 🙂 I wanted to share an awesome Youtube video. Who said we couldn’t have fun with our food?… Read more Can tomorrow come any faster?

~Kouzounas Kitchen Re make a recipe contest~

I will be announcing the winners tomorrow morning. (California time.) 🙂   Thank you to everyone who submitted over their pictures & recipes. I enjoyed all of them and it was fun to actually see my recipes being re- made. I am making all of your goody baskets as I am writing this. The top 3 winners will be announced along with the two runner ups. Tune in tomorrow for the winners & a little biography on each of them. 🙂  *Each month I will be having a contest of… Read more ~Kouzounas Kitchen Re make a recipe contest~