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Tag: Traditional Greek Food

Gemista ( Greek Stuffed Peppers)

One of my all-time favorite Greek recipes is gemista. You can stuff almost any kind of vegetable, and the most common are tomatoes and peppers. I have been using zucchini,… Read more Gemista ( Greek Stuffed Peppers)

Fakes~ Greek Lentil Soup

Hello beautiful friends! Who is ready for Greek Easter? I can’t wait especially since my birthday happens to be the day before Easter. 🙂 Want to learn more about Greek… Read more Fakes~ Greek Lentil Soup

Happy New Year Giveaway!!

Happy Happy New Year my friends!! I hope 2017 brings you all lots of LOVE, JOY, GOOD HEALTH, AND HAPPINESS. Just to ring in the New Year, I decided to… Read more Happy New Year Giveaway!!

Satisfying Greek Food Blog~ Eat Yourself Greek

Please give a warm welcome to Eugenia, author of Eat Yourself Greek food blog. Eugenia Makrogianneli took sometime out of her busy day, to come hang out with us and… Read more Satisfying Greek Food Blog~ Eat Yourself Greek

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