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Tag: Tzatziki Dip

Bacon Lettuce Tomato Tzatziki Sandwich (B.L.T.T.)

Happy weekend to you! I love the original B.L.T. sandwich but I love a nice Greek twist to the original recipe. I hope you enjoy and make this refreshing sandwich.… Read more Bacon Lettuce Tomato Tzatziki Sandwich (B.L.T.T.)

Tzatziki Heaven

The recipe you have been all waiting for! Are you ready for some stinky breath? Lol just kidding, but you might want to stay away from your significant other once you dip into this tzatziki recipe. 🙂 Tips prior to making tzatziki!! Use Greek yogurt, the thicker the better. Let the minced garlic sit in the yogurt to enhance the garlic flavor. Make sure to remove the seeds from your cucumber, otherwise you will have a watery mess. You can use lemon or lime, but this time I used lime… Read more Tzatziki Heaven

Delicious Vegetarian Dolmades 

Sharing with you all a delicious dolmades recipe. Kali Orexi! 💙💙   Delicious Dolmades Recipe ~ Greek Stuffed Grape Leaves Ingredients: 50 vine leaves, drained and rinsed (I use my fresh… Read more Delicious Vegetarian Dolmades 

When You Aren’t In Greece: Make Your Own Vegetarian Gyro Pita

The perfect Greek lent recipe by far!! For those who are fasting, try out this recipe. I guarantee you will enjoy. Happy cooking from Kouzounas Kitchen. 🙂   Greek Lingo: ΠΙΤΑ… Read more When You Aren’t In Greece: Make Your Own Vegetarian Gyro Pita

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