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Kalo Mina (Good Month)

“Καλό μήνα σε όλους!! This phrase translates to : Have a good month, in Greek. I am wishing everyone a Successful and happy month of December!! Let’s get to the… Read more Kalo Mina (Good Month)

Kalo Mina Se Olous!!

Kalo Mina Se olous!!! Καλό μήνα= Good month I wanted to wish everyone a good month, happy November. Let’s make this a great cooking month! * To all the parents out there, I think you will enjoy this picture I inserted into this post below. HAHA!

Happy Friday!

I came across this quote under famous Greek quotes. Diogenes, the ancient Greek philosopher, once advised a young courtier, “If you lived on cabbage, you would not be obliged to… Read more Happy Friday!

Happy Sunday!

“When baking, follow directions. When cooking, go by your own taste.” ~ Laiko Bahrs