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Hello all!!

I have a special blog post review featuring Yasou Skin Care. First, let me provide some background on the company.

The cold weather has been affecting my skin not in a good way!! I have chapped lips, dry skin, and I can go on and on. I was in need for something to heal and hydrate my skin.  While I was browsing Instagram a few weeks ago, I stumbled across Yasou skin care. Not only are they a Greek company, they have a beautiful line of natural and organic nourishing skin care products.

Yasou Skin Care combines the essence of natural ingredients and certified organics in a way that offers multiple health and beauty benefits. YASOU creates a new level of luxury in skin care. (See for more information)Products Reviewed:

Hydrating Cream: This is an all-encompassing body creme. It is and luxurious but does not leave the skin feeling greasy. The combination of ingredients that help relieve stress, firm the skin, and moisturize have earned this a spot as my absolute favorite. Let me tell you, the aroma of this hydrating cream is amazing! This is by far my FAVORITE of the Yasou skin care line. 🙂
Cellular Day Cream: I used this cream 3 times a week per Yasous recommendations. This cream provided adequate hydration to my skin. The combination of ingredients worked together to provide  the right amount of exfoliation and hydration.
Cell Renewal Night Cream: I’m a firm believer in the benefits of extra virgin olive oil so I was very excited to try this product. My skin felt extremely hydrated and refreshed after using this product. It was soft, and had a wonderful glow to it.
Hand Cream: This ultra luxe hand cream is the ultimate therapy for over worked hands. Because of its richness, I applied before bed and it felt wonderful soaking into my tired skin. My hands felt extra soft in the morning.
Explore the wonderful benefits of Yasou skin care, and see for yourself that with Yasou you will keep your skin feeling moisturized and alive!!
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Article By: Angela Kalapothakos (Editor~ Kouzounas Kitchen)
Thank you to Theodora, owner of Yasou skin care. We greatly appreciate the wonderful samples!!


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