Welcoming March- Giveaway Time!!

Happy Thursday friends! As I am gearing up for new Greek lent recipes I wanted to share a fun giveaway that is happening on my Instagram page!!



This giveaway is sponsored by my dear friend Dimitra who is a beautiful soul in Athens Greece. She is the proud owner of Wish in a Box business. Wish in a Box is a Greek company that makes handmade jewelry. Dimitra sent me a beautiful package from Greece and we are giving 1 lucky winner a handmade Marti bracelet.

What is a marti bracelet you may ask? The marti bracelet in the ancient Greek culture is supposed to welcome Spring! The name “marti” comes from the Greek word “Martios which means March. When wearing this bracelet it is supposed to ward off bad energy with the “mati” evil eye, and the red symbolizes for life, and the white stands for purity.


Check it out here>> ENTER THE GIVEAWAY!!

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