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A Drop of Ladi & My Greek Soul | Kouzounas Kitchen

My Second Cookbook Is Released!

Happy week to you! I have been keeping a secret from you guys for a while, but it wasn’t really a secret since there is a PHOTO of the second… Read more My Second Cookbook Is Released!

Welcome Greeking.Me

It’s almost Summer time, and that means family vacation starts now. When you are travelling to a different country as a tourist, you want to see the best places. The… Read more Welcome Greeking.Me

Meet Chef Adam Kodovas- Part 2

On today’s post I would like to talk about “The Day In The Life Of A Chef.” What it takes to be a dedicated chef, and what responsibilities you have… Read more Meet Chef Adam Kodovas- Part 2

Kathara Deftera (Clean Monday)

Today is a very special day in Greece, and around the world. The Greeks celebrate Kathara Deftera which translates to “Clean Monday.”  This is the start of lent among the… Read more Kathara Deftera (Clean Monday)

Thinking of a good marinade..

Puree fresh mint, shallots, lime, red pepper flakes, lemon, sea salt, garlic and some fresh extra virgin olive oil. ( The one with Gaea is amazing.) Puree all of these ingredients and use this for grilled vegetables or any meats.  * For a hint of sweetness, add a tsp of honey.    

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