Meet Chef Adam Kodovas- Part 2

On today’s post I would like to talk about “The Day In The Life Of A Chef.” What it takes to be a dedicated chef, and what responsibilities you have in the kitchen. Not only does it take hard work and passion to be a chef, but you have to be highly motivated and creative. Chef Adam comes all the way from Athens, Greece. He will be talking about his new job, his favorite recipes, and what it takes to be a top chef in Greece.
Please welcome a fabulous & passionate chef from my favorite country, Greece. 
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Hello Chef Adam, Nice to see you again on Kouzounas Kitchen Blog.
Thank you for taking the time to accept another fun interview for my audience.
To get this interview going, here is a fun question for you chef. 
1. Right at this moment, what ingredient comes to your mind?
  • Red cabbage.. ha-ha its just so happens I am cooking an enormous batch of braised red cabbage and it makes me think of my time in Ireland.

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2. Please let us know how you became a chef, and who or what inspired you to go to culinary school?
  • I became a chef just by being tenacious and dedicated day in and day out having a never quit mentality and having a goal that I just had to conquer!!!!!   The way I was brought up is basically what drove me to cooking.  I had some hard years growing up where I just had to cook at home at a very young age and then when I got older and walked in to culinary school I saw that it was my calling and purpose all along…I absolutely love my job!!! 
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3. What are your top three favorite recipes?
  • Currently two of my favorite recipes are a slow cooked sea bass with wild horta fricassee and augolemono mousse.  My third favorite recipe is a  farm grown rooster with traditional white beans stew and homemade bacon that we make here at the restaurant.

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4. Chef Adam, recently you told me that you accepted a wonderful job at a top restaurant in Greece. Can you explain to us what restaurant it is, and what position you are in the kitchen.
  • I recently took over restaurant Vasilenas- Βασίλαινας in Athens.
     One of the most historic restaurants of the city that goes back almost 100 years… To give you an idea Winston Churchill himself has eaten here. I am  the head chef…electrician, plumber and life coach for my brigade when it’s necessary. I tend to do it all at Vasilenas.  
5. Who is your favorite chef and why?
  • I have a lot of favorite chefs and I can’t give u one so I have to share a few. Magnus Nilsson of restaurant Faviken , Sean Brock of Husk restaurant and Tom Kerridge are some of my favorite chefs cause of the way they respect and handle their ingredients.
6. If you were able to teach one person in the world a recipe, who would it be and what recipe? (This person can be living or dead.)
  • I would teach my mother how to cook meat, medium rare that is haha. 
7. I know you have mentioned to me in a prior interview on Kouzounas Kitchen that you were working abroad in Ireland. Do you miss living there? What did you gain from the restaurant you worked at? What were the positives/ negatives?
  • Ireland was a big chapter in my life for many reasons… I first came across real high end ingredients and a high end cuisine. It was a very hard experience and it made me who I am today.  I worked 16 hour shifts and then walked 25 minutes in the rain to go to my tiny apartment to rest for a few hours. I made good friends though and had the pleasure to work under a great chef “Charlie Byrne” who to this day I consider a mentor. I wouldn’t live there again though..I prefer the beautiful Greek weather. lol 
8. What are your top 5 favorite restaurants in Greece? (Any part of Greece.)
  • I won’t answer that cause I don’t want to leave anyone out. Another words, Greece has some amazing restaurants to check out. 😉
9. If you could travel any where in the world at this time, where would it be and why?
  • I would definitely go to New York to enjoy the food and possibly stage at one of the many top restaurants there. The food scene is massive and multicultural. 
10. What are your long term goals? Lets say for the next 5 years?
  • Long term I just want to have a healthy productive career.To learn as much as I possibly can and establish the restaurant as one of the best in the country and maybe achieve the ultimate dream of a Michelin star. After all dreams don’t cost anything.
  • I like your answer Chef Adam! You are right, dreams don’t cost anything, and you should always try to reach your dreams.
11. What is your favorite quote?
  • “Better safe than sorry.” It is something I always say to my chefs so they always check and check and check their prep so they are always safe and on top of their game in the kitchen. 
12. Hardest dish to learn, and why?
  • Hardest dish to learn was when I had to cook a huge batch of chicken liver parfait for the first time and it needed a specific temperature and when I took it out of the oven it looked like it split but I had to wait 8 hours so it sets and then I would know for sure how it would come out.  I couldn’t sleep all night and went to work at 7 am just to check on it  and make sure that it was okay. It was perfectly cooked as my chef said…thank god lol!! 
Thank you Adam for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come hang out on Kouzounas Kitchen. I do hope to see you soon in Greece, and be able to enjoy one of your fine delicacies.
For those who currently reside in Greece, please go check out Vasilenas Restaurant. 
If you have the chance to dine in at Vasilenas- Βασίλαινας
Restaurant, please share your thoughts with us here.
Thank you for stopping by, and enjoying Kouzounas Kitchen! 
~All photo credits to Adam Kodovas.


  1. Interesting and enlightening post/interview!

    Good questions, Krystina!
    Nice meeting you, Chef Adam Kodovas.

    I missed the first part of the interview. 🙁

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