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As you know, Kouzounas Kitchen is very busy for upcoming Greek Easter on Sunday. I am helping friends & family prepare for Easter… Let me know if I can help you with any recipes or post anything you like.






Greek Easter Menu




  • Tzatziki with paprika and kalamata olives served with pita bread


  • Lemonade spritzers with strawberry slices- Basic lemonade with added tonic water & sliced strawberries


  • Greek salad with sweet candied walnuts


  • Spanakopita


  • Tiropita


  • Potatoes in the oven with oregano, basil, lemon, salt & pepper, olive oil.


  • Stuffed mushrooms


Main course:


  • Baked chicken with a olive oil & lemon sauce


  •  Lamb on the barbeque




  • Tsoureki- Greek Easter Bread


  • Koulourakia- Greek Easter cookies


I had a hard time with this but I am making an interesting recipe. Lol I am using a pie crust that I have made in the past and adding inside raspberries, blueberries, apples. Then topping it off with a fresh whip cream.


-Kali Orexi!








* The eggs I made today. Had too much fun haha.


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