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Delicious 3 Layer Cheesecake

Summer is coming and that means fresh Summer produce is on the way!! I love strawberries and can’t wait to pick our fresh strawberries from the garden. For mother’s day,… Read more Delicious 3 Layer Cheesecake

~Pumpkin Apple Cheesecake Recipe~

Hello Sunday evening. My boyfriend and I have been searching for some good ideas for our pumpkin decorating this year. Mummies, zombies, witches, and much more. I came across two… Read more ~Pumpkin Apple Cheesecake Recipe~

Super easy blackberry coulis sauce

This recipe is super easy, and it tastes amazingggg!! I just received the best compliments on this recipe, and it pairs well with ice cream, cheesecake, cakes, cookies, frozen yogurt and much more. Blackberry Coulis Sauce Recipe- 1 1/2 cups of blackberries 1/4 cup of water 1/3 cup of sugar- you can always add a bit more for a sweeter taste 1 tsp of vanilla * Optional- Corn starch, if needed. Directions- 1. Heat the sugar, water, blackberries and vanilla in a pot over medium heat. When it starts to… Read more Super easy blackberry coulis sauce

The Lemon &Blackberry Cheesecake Photos..

This is what the cheesecake looks like after the cooling process and decorated. 🙂 – Cheers Nestor Zaharopoulos Photography  

Good day to you all on this beautiful Wednesday afternoon.

I am cooking up a storm in my kitchen, once again. This time, I went outside and found a million blackberries from our blackberry bush, and figured these would go… Read more Good day to you all on this beautiful Wednesday afternoon.

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