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Tag: Chocolate Lovers

Boozy Metaxa Brownies Recipe – Perfect For Valentine’s Day

  Valentine’s Day Is Coming!   I am sharing a really tasty brownie recipe today! Although I am not a fan of using boxed ingredients, I did have a few… Read more Boozy Metaxa Brownies Recipe – Perfect For Valentine’s Day

Planete Chocolat Review

Happy  Monday beautiful friends!💗💗 If you are a chocolate lover like myself, then this post is for you! Welcome  Planete Chocolat I was lucky enough to try out some of the… Read more Planete Chocolat Review

Vanini Italian Chocolate Review

Welcome Vanini Vanini, an exquisite chocolate company based out of Italy. Vanini has an interesting line of chocolate bars, ranging from dark 86 % chocolate all the way to 49… Read more Vanini Italian Chocolate Review

Valentine’s Day Dessert

Hello all you beautiful people!! My favorite time of the year is coming up, and that means I am going to be sharing some new recipes with you.   Valentine’s… Read more Valentine’s Day Dessert

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