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Chocolate Salami Recipe

Happy Tuesday my friends! I hope your week is way warmer than what we are having. We just got 10 inches of snow in Pollock Pines, and I am slowly… Read more Chocolate Salami Recipe

Friday Greek Menu Plan

Would you like a great menu plan for this coming weekend?  Try this Friday menu out below. 🙂 Happy weekend everyone!! Friday Greek Menu Eggplant Cake Recipe (Starter) Ingredients: 1… Read more Friday Greek Menu Plan

Getting ready for another fun week of Featured Recipe Thursday’s.

If you would like to submit your favorite recipe, (please stick with Mediterranean cuisine), feel free to submit to: Can’t wait to share with everyone this great recipe on Thursday. Stay tuned in for that and here is a quote for you all to have a good laugh. – Goodnight from California! 🙂

Hortopitakia: Savory turnovers with spinach and herbs

I hope everyone is enjoying their Wednesday. I came across another Greek recipe that my family has been making for a very long time. It is a bit similar to spanakopita, but this one doesn’t have any cheese. I love the flavors of the spinach and the herbs. Enjoy and I apologize for not posting a picture of this, due to our air conditioning being broken and I cannot turn the oven on. (That is being fixed as I type this.) Hortopitakia Recipe- Prep Time- 45 minutes Cook Time- 8… Read more Hortopitakia: Savory turnovers with spinach and herbs

Did you know…

Did you know that the first Greek cookbook was written by Archestratos, in 330 B.C. The cookbook suggests that cooking has always been an importance and significance in the Greek society. Did you know that the modern chef hats that chefs wear now a days, originated from the chefs in Greece who wore tall white hats in the middle ages. These chefs prepared food for the Greek Monasteries, and the chefs were called the Monastic Brothers. To a large degree, vegetarian cuisine can be traced back to foods and recipes originated… Read more Did you know…

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