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Tag: egg recipes.

Eggs Benedict with Tsoureki

Its the weekend and that calls for tasty brunch! After celebrating Greek Easter most of us around the world have an abundance of tsoureki bread left. So each year I… Read more Eggs Benedict with Tsoureki

Strapatsada~ Greek Egg Tomato Scramble

  Strapatsada~ Kagianas ~Greek Egg Scramble This is a very popular dish in many parts of Greece but I am taking it back to my families region of Mani. Some… Read more Strapatsada~ Greek Egg Tomato Scramble

Fluffiest Scrambled Eggs (1 Serving)

Hello beautiful foodies! I am so sorry it has been quiet on the blog. I just got back from my Greece and London trip. I can not wait to talk… Read more Fluffiest Scrambled Eggs (1 Serving)

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