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One Of My Favorite Vegetables!

The weekend is here everyone! WOOOHOOOOOOO!! 🙂 Yes, the weekend is here and so is fennel.  Saturday’s Food For Thought: Fennel You know that vegetable that has a slight licorice taste to it?? Aww yes, fennel. One of my favorite vegetables to cook with. I love adding fennel to spanakopita, and mixed vegetables.  Benefits Of Fennel Fennel contains its own unique combinations of phytonutrients. The most fascinating phytonutrient found in fennel is called anethole, which has been shown to reduce inflammation and prevent cancer. Fennel has a great source of… Read more One Of My Favorite Vegetables!

Hello to you WORLD!!

As you know, Kouzounas Kitchen is very busy for upcoming Greek Easter on Sunday. I am helping friends & family prepare for Easter… Let me know if I can help you with any recipes or post anything you like.           Greek Easter Menu   Appetizers:   Tzatziki with paprika and kalamata olives served with pita bread   Lemonade spritzers with strawberry slices- Basic lemonade with added tonic water & sliced strawberries   Greek salad with sweet candied walnuts   Spanakopita   Tiropita   Potatoes in the… Read more Hello to you WORLD!!

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