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Happy April Fools Day!

Is the joke going to be on me today or on you???? Happy April Fools Day Everyone!! What fun jokes are you going to be playing on your family and friends?? I want to hear some good ones. Today is not only April Fools, but my boyfriend’s birthday. 🙂 🙂  Happy Birthday!!!!!!!  Check out this April Fools’ Lasagna recipe… I wish everyone a fun and safe day and I will see you all tomorrow right here on Kouzounas Kitchen for Featured Recipe Thursday!!!          

I had to share this with everyone..

Just for some laughs, I feel like this looks just like my boyfriend and I in this picture below. He loves bacon, and I thought this was hilarious when I made this last year.

Happy Tuesday!

Hello Friday

Getting ready for another fun week of Featured Recipe Thursday’s.

If you would like to submit your favorite recipe, (please stick with Mediterranean cuisine), feel free to submit to: Can’t wait to share with everyone this great recipe on Thursday. Stay tuned in for that and here is a quote for you all to have a good laugh. – Goodnight from California! 🙂