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Happy Greek Independence Day!

Xronia polla Ellada mou! Happy Greek Independence day.  I am sharing two photos from my previous travels to Greece. One from Athens and the second from Kritsa, Crete. I hope… Read more Happy Greek Independence Day!

Skordalia Recipe- Happy Greek Independence Day

I am so proud of my Greek roots, especially from Mani!   March 25th marks a special day for us! We are celebrating the 200-year mark for Greek independence. Greek Independence… Read more Skordalia Recipe- Happy Greek Independence Day

Ouzo Frosting

Happy American Easter to all who celebrate today!! We are waiting to celebrate Greek Easter which actually falls on May 1st this year. I have been fasting for over two… Read more Ouzo Frosting

Happy Greek Independence Day!!

Happy Greek Independence Day!! Today is an important day for Greeks. Today is the day to celebrate the Greek War Of Independence. Greece was ruled under the Ottoman Empire since 1453.  This war was a successful war of independence by the Greek revolutionaries between 1821 and 1832. In celebration of this day, towns and villages throughout Greece hold a parade during which many people march in traditional costume and carry the Greek flags.  Check out this link below for more information.  

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