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Tag: holiday sweets

Cooking with Framboise ~ Pacific Rim Wine Company

Hello foodies! I hope you all survived your Thanksgiving feast and enjoyed family time. On today’s post, we are talking wine- chocolate- and flourless cake. Wine and chocolate are probably… Read more Cooking with Framboise ~ Pacific Rim Wine Company

~Meringue Tips~

For the holidays coming up I know many of you will be making sweet treats and some that include meringue in them. Here are some tips below to help you with your holiday baking.  Meringue Tips For The Holidays- Start by making sure that there is no egg yolk specs anywhere. Having egg yolks in your egg whites can keep from whipping properly.  Separate the eggs while cold. Separating the eggs while cold, will help keep the egg yolks from bleeding into the egg whites. Beat the whites at a… Read more ~Meringue Tips~