Greek Desserts

~Meringue Tips~

For the holidays coming up I know many of you will be making sweet treats and some that include meringue in them. Here are some tips below to help you with your holiday baking. 

Meringue Tips For The Holidays-

  • Start by making sure that there is no egg yolk specs anywhere. Having egg yolks in your egg whites can keep from whipping properly. 
  • Separate the eggs while cold. Separating the eggs while cold, will help keep the egg yolks from bleeding into the egg whites.
  • Beat the whites at a low and slow speed and then slowly increase the speed once the whites are foamy. 


Meringues have 3 stages-

  • Soft Peaks- Whites will turn a opaque color, and begin to thicken. The mixture will hold its shape.
  • Firm Peaks- When you turn your whisk upside down, the peaks will hold and the ridges are more distinct. 
  • Stiff Peaks- Turn the whisk upside down and the peaks hold. 






Welcome to my world of Greek traditional & modern recipes. Get ready to dance and drink some ouzo while enjoying our recipes.


  • Janet Rörschåch

    Excellent. Also remember that everything needs to be scrupulously clean. Any spec of fat will keep the whites from foaming properly.

    I’ve also heard room temperature whites, but I’ve never really seen a difference in volume.

    • Kouzounas Kitchen

      Yes, I forgot to add that in there. Great tip Janet, the fat will keep from whites foaming up.

      Yeah I haven’t seen a difference either with the room temp egg whites.

      Thank you for sharing!! 🙂

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