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Food Challenges….

Cinnamon challenge, marshmallow challenge, wasabi challenge, and now healthy smoothie challenge. I am sure you all have seen these crazy challenges on YouTube or Vine, but have you tried any of them?? I wanted to let my family be the first to try my healthy smoothie challenge. They were brave enough to par take in this fun challenge, and no I didn’t put any crazy ingredients in their smoothies. Thank you to my mom, sister, and Jehrus for being a part of this challenge. Super Charge Smoothie Ingredients: A handful… Read more Food Challenges….

Thinking of making a protein shake…. Try this one!

Are you going for a work out or need a boost. This shake is very easy to make and has abundent amount of flavors in it. Plus I love my protein powder.  Pineapple yogurt protein shake- 1 cup pineapple juice- (if you can use fresh awesome) 1/2 cup of orange juice-(fresh)  a heaping tablespoon of vanilla protein powder 3 or 4 cubes of ice Ben & Jerrys greek yogurt pineapple ice cream/ fage Greek yogurt Add all of these ingredients to the blender. Mix and blend on high. Until ice… Read more Thinking of making a protein shake…. Try this one!

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