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Once a month I will be doing a poll, from what is your favorite cuisine, to what are your favorite chefs. This is a fun poll, and it might even help you find your way of cooking and technique.

Foods from around the world poll.

Hello Sunday! What’s on everyone’s Sunday Plans? Cooking?? I thought it would be fun to do a Sunday poll. This poll is about foods from around the world. What is the craziest food you have ever tried and how did you like it??  

Chocolate Poll

Looks like we have a winner. The chocolate brownie took first place. Next two were tied, chocolate bar and chocolate ice cream. What happen to the chocolate fudge guys?? Lol I will eat chocolate any way!!! Thank you for all of you who voted. 

Sunday Poll Funday!

Hi everyone. It is that time again. Poll time!  This is a fun poll, and makes me want to eat all the chocolate in the house. LOL

Chocolate Poll- mmmmmm Chocolate :)


Who is your favorite chef on TV?

I know some of you watch Top Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, The Taste, and all the other cooking shows out there. Who is your favorite chef on any TV show and why? I want to hear your feedback. I can say that Chef Adam on The Taste is by far my favorite for two reasons. He is from my hometown Sacramento, CA and my mom and his mom went to school together and he is a great chef. My second favorite is Chef Ludo. I like his French style and his… Read more Who is your favorite chef on TV?


Looks like the two best cuisine’s out there are Italian and Greek..

Have any questions to any of my recipes I posted here, please feel free to ask me. I will be answering questions by the end of the week, as I am busy catering and constantly coming up with new recipes. Thank you and Thanks to you all for following and stay tuned to Kouzounas Kitchen to see what contest is coming up! 🙂

Cuisine Poll

Looks like Italian is ahead of the game! What is your favorite cuisine?

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