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And the featured recipe is….

Tonight we are featuring a local from Sacramento and my good friend Leilani. She loves to cook and her Fall soup sounds amazing! Check her recipe out below. This is… Read more And the featured recipe is….

Mediterranean Cooking Class!

I finally got to sit down, and get this cooking class together. I am very excited to announce that my friend Cindy and I will be hosting a Mediterranean cooking class on September 5th from 7-9pm in the West Sacramento area. Please see details below. Looking forward to seeing everyone there.     After a long holiday weekend, come get pampered with a Mediterranean style cooking show. Featuring Kouzounas Kitchen & Cindy from The Pampered Chef.  Come enjoy a spectacular Mediterranean Cooking class from Kouzounas Kitchen & Dessert demonstration from Cindy… Read more Mediterranean Cooking Class!

Iced Tea anyone?

I just had a very good boba ice tea. For those of you who do not know what boba tea is, click on the link below for the details. I tried the Mango milk boba ice tea. Great place for boba and I highly recommend it. After having boba, I decided to write a recipe on Greek ice tea. Greek Iced Tea Recipe- Ingredients: 4 cups of water 1/2 cup of Chamomile mint herbal tea bags- brewed 2 cups of white grape juice 1 cucumber- sliced 1 bunch… Read more Iced Tea anyone?

Some of the best farmer’s markets…

I wanted to ask you, (the world), what are your favorite farmer’s markets? I want to gather a list of some of the best farmer’s markets out there, and let people know where to find the best produce, fruits, and more.  I will start off by listing a few in Sacramento, and the surrounding areas in Northern California. *Let us know your favorite place for great produce and more.    Sacramento Farmers Markets: Sundays Farmers Market Downtown Sacramento 8th & West, Sacramento, 95816- (They have a wide range of fruit,… Read more Some of the best farmer’s markets…

Catering & Services

Kouzounas Kitchen is proud to announce that we are accepting orders for our Greek Catering & Services. We cater small parties and events within the Sacramento Area. I will be posting a menu soon on the main page to show what we offer. Specializing in Greek Appetizers & desserts. If you would like to reach us, please email at and I can answer all of your questions through email.  Looking forward to working with you!  Have a lovely Tuesday. -Cheers