Throne invitations is a local business in Sacramento, Ca. The owner, Dena Argyropoulos is a very creative, artistic and very hard worker! What inspired Dena to come up with Throne Invitations was her sister’s wedding which was last year. She had designed these amazing invitations for her sister and it turned out to be a big hit. Dena became very passionate and started her own website and then attended events in the Sacramento area such as the Bridal Show @ Cal Expo. She received a lot of exposure at this event and had many calls to possibly design invitations for many clients. Dena’s main goal is to create invitations that reflect each person’s creativity and individuality. A little bit about Dena, she grew up in Greece and got a bachelors Degree in Graphic Design. Some of her favorite items are a x-acto blade, cutting board, and any kind of paper. Please check out Dena’s website below and if you live in the Sacramento area or surrounding area’s feel free to reach out to Dena from her official website. Thank you to Dena for letting me feature her and keep it rocking Dena! Your invitations are beautiful!

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