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Meet Maria: Story Of Stefania 

Meet Maria Trovas~  Story of Stefania~   I am so ecstatic to feature this wonderful talented Greek artist. Maria Trovas found me on Instagram by chance, and then we have been… Read more Meet Maria: Story Of Stefania 

My Favorite Coffee: Nespresso

Some of you may know already, but for those who do not, I am a HUGE Nespresso fan!! I wish I accepted the brand ambassador position with Nespresso a few… Read more My Favorite Coffee: Nespresso

I have made a new blog for Friends of The Earth Lavender.

Please check out my families company. I made a blog for our Lavender company, as right now our official website is down. We are re doing our website to have a store cart up. Yay. Right at the moment, you can purchase a few products on this blog as well as Friends Of The Earth Lavender. Please visit the new blog. Thank you and have a fabulous day. – Friends Of The Earth Lavender  

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