My Favorite Coffee: Nespresso

Some of you may know already, but for those who do not, I am a HUGE Nespresso fan!! I wish I accepted the brand ambassador position with Nespresso a few years ago. I decided to follow my passion for the food industry, and here I am. 🙂 I am happily blogging, and sharing my wonderful recipes with you all. In this post I am going to share my TOP Nespresso flavors, as well as links to the Nespresso Amazon store, so you can shop.


Let’s Talk Nespresso History

The Nespresso story began over 29 years ago with a simple but revolutionary idea: enable anyone to create the perfect cup of espresso coffee just like skilled baristas.


The Nespresso concept has redefined and revolutionized the way millions of people enjoy their espresso coffee today. It has shaped the global coffee culture. Thanks to continuous innovations and the highest quality, Nespresso has evolved from being the pioneer and trendsetter for portioned coffee into a worldwide reference. (This tidbit is taken from the Nespresso website.)

Nespresso is owned by Nestle SA, and with trial and error they came out with their first four machines in 1986. Their first machine came out in 1986, the C100. While Nespresso started their first Nespresso club. They grew rapidly through the membership program. Four flavors were created in 1986, some of which are very popular to this day. Varieties include: Capriccio, Cosi, Decaffeinato, and Bolero (now known as Volluto.)


In 1999 a new system is launched as Nespresso Professional, with dedicated machines and coffee varieties packaged in pods, designed for small offices and the premium foodservice sector.  The machine that we own to this day was created back in 2001. The “concept” machine, with its striking ergonomic design, became very popular for Nespresso.  In 2006 Nespresso released their new gourmet chocolates, Les Chocolats. Famous celebrity George Clooney becomes a brand ambassador for Nespresso.

Nespresso becomes one of the top favorite coffee’s in the world, spreading around the globe to France, Switzerland, Germany, China,  and other places.

In 2011 the latest machine came out, the Pixie.

PIXIE, its most innovative and ecological machine ever; Zenius and Aguila, two machines bringing enhanced functionalities to professional consumers; and Lattissima+ for easier preparation of milk-based coffee recipes.

In 2012 Nespresso achieved its 75 % capsule recycling capacity objective one year ahead of plan.  Nespresso launches two new machines: Maestria, inspired by the meticulous ritual of professional coffee preparation, and the modular U, which shapes itself to fit contemporary spaces.

In 2013 they came out with their  Kazaar and Dharkan, two Grand Cru with unsurpassed intensity, bringing the permanent Grand Cru range to 21 Grand Cru. Nespresso achieves its commitments to source 80% of coffee through its AAA Sustainable QualityTM Program and to reduce the carbon footprint of a cup of Nespresso by 20%.

In 2014 Nespresso sets to revolutionize the North American coffee market with the launch of VertuoLineTM, an innovative system based on centrifusion technology. The Nespresso boutique now exceeds well over 400 shops worldwide.

I included the Nespresso fact sheet, so if you would like to read more about their history please click on Nespresso history. >>~Nespresso History~


Kouzounas Kitchen’s Favorite Nespresso Capsules

I was introduced to Nespresso years ago, as my mother owned the first C100 machine. She had to order her first Nespresso machine from an inflight magazine. That tells you how old our machine is!!  Unfortunately, our C100 is no longer with us, it crapped out.

Currently, we now own the Virtuoline and the Essenza mini C30 machine.  (That really tells you how durable and well made these machines are!!) Although the machines are a bit pricey, it is well worth the investment, as they last forever. We love both machines because we can use the original capsules as well as the virtuoline capsules.


Top #10 Flavors!! Each flavor has a number next to it, which means the intensity level.

(If you want to try any of these flavors, click on each flavor below and it will take you over to Amazon.)

Original Line Capsules

#1 Ristretto Intenso (10)

#2 Arpeggio (9)

#3 Roma (8)

#4 Vanilla Eclair (6)

#5 Fortissio Lungo (8)

#6 Vanilio Custard (6)

#7 Melozio (6)

#8 Caramel Cookie (6)

#9 Elvazio (4)

#10 Alto Dolce Intenso (4)

Fact sheet flavors>> Nespresso Flavors 

If you have tried Nespresso, what is your absolute favorite?? If you haven’t I suggest you check it out. I haven’t been able to top Nespresso yet with any other coffee brands.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed this post. If you do end up purchasing any of these amazing capsules, please let me know your thoughts.



  1. A big fan of nespresso myself. I love the flavours, the harmani as we say in Greek. My personal favourite is this little green capsule.. Capriccio!! Vanilio is pretty good too!

    • I’m so happy to hear that sweets!! Oh Capriccio is another favorite of mine. Do you like them strong? I actually just got a really good deal from Nespresso so I ordered 100 capsules for only 55.00.

      • No I don’t like them that strong..Capriccio is exactly what I like! Nothing more nothing less..My second favourite is vanilio. Wow nice offer! Now that its spring we prefer frappe though! Do you make Freddo?

      • I actually just had capriccio now. 🙂 Ohhh vanilio is another favorite too! We could have a blast together drinking Nespresso in Greece. I love frappe kai freddo, and yes I make both. Freddo is my favorite!!

    • I never tried Monsoon Malabar. I did just order 100 capsules and I got such an amazing deal. If you become a member you get a awesome deal. Aeroccino eh? Hmm I ordered a new Indian blend which looks nice.

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