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Time To Get Your Greek On!

Hello Wednesday, and happy Greek day! I have been cooking since yesterday making a few authentic Greek dishes, and some with a twist. 🙂 You will find two recipes of these wonderful dishes I am cooking up later this evening. Want to join in on the fun tonight? Head to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or right here on WordPress. Check out the hash tags below for each social media.  Facebook: #Greek Dinner Around the World Instagram: #GreekDinner Pinterest: Twitter: Open some ouzo or retsina, and let’s get this Greek Dinner started.… Read more Time To Get Your Greek On!

Getting Prepared For The Big Night Tomorrow. Greek Dinner Around The World.

I want to thank the sponsors for this wonderful event that is coming up tomorrow evening. Greek Dinner Around The World will be shared with friends and family from different parts of the world. We will share our Greek food and have a nice chat on social media. So tomorrow if you are free, stop by with a glass of Retsina, and some Greek music.  Connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, and WordPress.  Greek Dinner Around the World January 15th I already started my dessert, and It’s a hit in this… Read more Getting Prepared For The Big Night Tomorrow. Greek Dinner Around The World.

Get Involved In The Greek Community!

καλή εβδομάδα σε όλους!!   (This translates to : I wish everyone a good week.) Get Involved In The Greek Community I have noticed on Twitter and other social media sites, that there are numerous contests and community events going on in the Greek community. (Especially on Kouzounas Kitchen.) If you would like to get involved simply check out the links below. Links January 15th Greek Dinner From Around The World   Kouzounas Kitchen’s New Year Recipe Contest   Greek Cooking Challenge By Sia at  … Read more Get Involved In The Greek Community!

Happy Sunday!

I am calling out to my WordPress friends and viewers. Okay I have a huge favor to ask of all of you. It involves just clicking on a picture and liking it.    My boyfriend entered into a contest for the best pumpkin on Slickdeals. Help him win 1st place by clicking on the link below and liking the picture, and sharing it to your social media! Thank you everyone!!!   Happy Happy Sunday! Good Luck to Nestor Z Photography!!

Would you like to follow us on other social media websites??

Kouzounas Kitchen is giving two lucky winners a free gift just for liking our facebook page. The two winners will be randomly selected and announced on August 20th.  This is open worldwide. Tell your family and friends about Kouzounas Kitchen and have them go to the link below.    Thank you and please check us out on the other social networking websites.    

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