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Let’s Help Find The Missing Malaysia Plane!

Hello my WordPress friends and viewers. I would like to take a moment to ask you for your help. As most of you know, or probably have heard on the news, Flight MH370 Malaysia Airlines is missing. There were 239 passengers on board including the flight crew. I have recently came across this website where you use satellite imagery to help find the missing Malaysia plane. Just by participating, you can help find the missing plane. Let’s all join together and scan the images to see if we can find anything. Thank… Read more Let’s Help Find The Missing Malaysia Plane!

Friday Menu~ Something Different!~

Hello Friday!! I have been receiving many vegetarian recipe requests. This goes out to all of you vegetarian lovers out there.  This menu is a bit different and very tasty. Love zucchini and green beans? This Friday Menu is for you. 🙂 Friday Menu: Appetizer: Roasted Carrots  Ingredients: 2 pounds of carrots- peeled and cut into julienne strips 1/2 cup of Marsala wine 1/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil Sea salt & ground pepper 2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar Directions: Place carrots on a large baking sheet. In a… Read more Friday Menu~ Something Different!~

I just thought I would send out my two awesome facebook pages for you all to like!

Please feel free to like these 2 pages, one including Kouzounas Kitchen and the other Friends Of the Earth Lavender.   Thank you for your support!

Thank you!

Thank you to the 47 countries who are following me!! The top 5 are: United States, Greece, Canada, Ireland and Australia! Thank you for all of your support and because you are the top 5 countries, I will be including a special recipe to each of the countries! Stay tuned in to that, and once again Thank you very much. I am very happy that I finally started Kouzounas Kitchen food blog. Cheers- Have a lovely night California. 

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