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To Brine Or Not Brine Turkey.. That Is The Question.

Well hello lovely foodies out there!! I know many of you are in a similar boat as me when it comes to brining your turkey or not, so why not… Read more To Brine Or Not Brine Turkey.. That Is The Question.

~Saturday’s Food For Thought~

It’s a rainy day here in Sacramento, CA but we are still having a great day. Saturday is here, and that means Food For Thought is here!! Today’s thought is on flours, and knowing your flour. Check out the video that I linked in this post below.   What is very interesting about flours in general is that each flour offers a different percentage of protein and depending if you dampened the flours or mix them, they will react differently. Below is a chart to better understand how much… Read more ~Saturday’s Food For Thought~

Saturday’s Thought Is…………

Today’s food for thought is about GRAPES! GRAPE NEWS: 1. Grapes can prevent heart disease. Just by eating grapes on a daily basis it helps reduce the cholesterol level. 2. Grapes are high in another polyphenol called “tannin.” Tannins move into the testinal tract and protect from viruses and tumors. 3. Grapes have a high level of caffeic acid. Caffeic acid helps fight cancer. 4. Studies have shown that grapes can prevent brain damage from strokes. 5. Grapes boost brain activity. 6. Grapes boost metabolism. Grapes have a slight laxative effect… Read more Saturday’s Thought Is…………

Okay sooo, I am going to be a bit critical now….

While I was at Safeway this evening I had seafood on my mind.  I was a bit hesitant to buy from there because I usually get my seafood at Costco, but I caved in.  Anyway, lobster sounded very good to me, and I purchased a 4 Oz lobster. I am going to be honest, not worth the price.  I went home to boil it in a wine broth, and the flavors were amazing, but there was really no meat inside. Pretty bummed out Safeway, but I should have stuck with… Read more Okay sooo, I am going to be a bit critical now….

Saturdays Food For Thought.

Yes it’s Saturday! One of my favorite days to post. Today I posted a few interesting facts on food. ~Enjoy~ Did you Know- Chewing gum while peeling onions will keep… Read more Saturdays Food For Thought.

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