To Brine Or Not Brine Turkey.. That Is The Question.

Well hello lovely foodies out there!! I know many of you are in a similar boat as me when it comes to brining your turkey or not, so why not post about it right?! I have waited last minute of course to think about our Thanksgiving meal, and I wanted to hear your thoughts. Please feel free to comment below!!


To Brine Or Not Brine Turkey??

We all know that Thanksgiving is filled with tons of yummy food and hungry bellies. πŸ™‚ Every year my family decides to do the same traditional recipes, and I must say it’s boring. (Shhhh don’t tell them k. :P)

Tonight I decided to have some fun on Facebook and ask in a post TO BRINE OR NOT TO BRINE. It ended up being a fun post, and many people voiced their opinions. I then decided lets bring this question to my blog, and ask the viewers.

Please place your votes below, and if you vote brine can you comment why. If you vote to not brine, please comment as well. πŸ™‚ This shall be fun!

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TO BRINE (Dry Brine Or Wet Brine)

Simple tips on why you SHOULD brine your turkey.


Dry Brine— Coating your meat in a dry salt rub mixture. End result= Pulls the seasoning into the meat, and brings out the flavor. I recommend this process if you don’t have much time to do wet brine, and you don’t have the room in your fridge to hold a turkey.


Wet Brine— This involves salt, water, and your favorite ingredients to create your brine. If you have the time to brine your turkey up to 24 hours, and have the room in your fridge, this method is for you. Your turkey will come out moist, and tasty.

Please keep in mind that a brine involves salt, and the juices that will drip from the turkey into your stuffing will make it saltier. Sooo with that being said, you don’t need to salt your stuffing. πŸ˜‰


Simple tips on why you Shouldn’t brine your turkey

Brining the turkey means TIME, TIME, and more Time. You need to make your brine, then make sure you have enough space in your fridge to hold your turkey for up to 24 hours or so.

Keep in mind brine is full of salt, so if you do not want the salt added to your turkey, then this isn’t for you. Also when you brine, sometimes it takes the natural flavors of the turkey away, so with that being said stick to dry rub. πŸ™‚


I would love to hear your comments and feedback!! To Brine Or Not Brine?!!!


Thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned in for a Thanksgiving Menu from Kouzounas Kitchen.Β turkey-504378_640 (1)

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  1. You will probably roll your eyes…….but I never brine my turkey. I actually use one of the plastic cooking bags and my turkey turns out great everytime. It’s the STUFFING that’s important!!!

    • Hi Mary!! Soo nice to see you here. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. πŸ™‚ I am not rolling my eyes at all. I actually loved the way my turkey came out, nice and moist. πŸ™‚ Agree on the stuffing, but I did not stuff my turkey. More about that on my blog coming up.

  2. Definitely BRINE!
    In a bag with water, salt, and lots of herbs!
    The only way to have a succulent evenly flavored turkey!!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Kristina!

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