Back To My Roots, A Delicious Greek Cookbook

Wonderful book review from my friend Gina over at FoodieWineLover blog. Please have a chance to read the review, and more details to come about my FIRST COOKBOOK PUBLISHED!!!

Kouzounas Kitchen

Foodie WineLover

Back To My Roots
Krystina Kalapothakos is a chef with a Greek soul, as she puts it. She blogs over at Kouzounas Kitchen.  Kouzouna is her grandmother’s maiden name, and not to be confused with Kouzina, which means kitchen in Greek. I met her online a little over a year ago, via a Twitter friend.  She is the founder of a wonderful group on Facebook called: Foodify.  We follow each other on social media, and share each other’s recipes with our audience.  Krystina is inspired by her yiayia, (grandma in Greek), who left her legacy, along with some traditional Greek recipes. That’s where Krystina gets her passion for cooking, and baking.  She has some delectable recipes on her blog, but recently decided to put together her first cookbook. Although, it’s been a lifelong dream of hers, it took her a little less than 3 months to put it together. I admire her commitment, determination, and love for Greek cuisine.  I got a copy of…

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25 thoughts on “Back To My Roots, A Delicious Greek Cookbook

      1. Since I never use photo’s (of myself, family, oceanfront home, etc.) it would only be words Krystina. My Heritage is 100% Cretan Grandparents on Paternal side. Stylianos and Katina (nee-Kekos) Hatzidakis. I have traced back 3 generations (Great, Great-Great-Grandfathers on Crete). In 1914 Grandpa (Papou) came to Ellis Island NYC. Landed in Milltown/Old Bridge New Jersey. Found work in the Michelin Tire Plant as a Laborer. Leaving in Crete his wife and two oldest children. They followed shortly thereafter and yiayia had 6 more children (4 boys, 4 girls) total of 8.Grandpa was from Chania, yiayia from Heraklion, Crete. No English was spoken in their household. On Sundays we visited, ate wonderful foods yiayia made and had to speak in Greek. The Cretan dialect is a little different than other parts of Greece. Yiayia loved canaries and parakeets and I always remember her singing to them in Greek. Grandpa had a handlebar mustache (curled at the ends) so handsome and sweet. I loved them dearly. He would place each grandchild on his lap and move his leg up and down singing in Greek. They both lived well into their late eighties. 8 months after Grandpa passed on so did yiayia her will at age 88 was no longer there and she wished to be with her husband. Not only on Crete but throughout Greece I have relatives some I have not met yet. Through other relatives they give me updates. Some are very humorous. They were a family that lived well and loved life in Greece as well as USA. Your Greek Friend, Cheryl

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      2. Wow thank you for this amazing story!! I love hearing about Greek families, and where each family was from in Greece. Xania is a place I haven’t been to yet, but I want to go to really bad. Crete is beautiful, so I hear, and its on my must visit list when I go back to Greece. So my Greek family names are Kalapothakos and Kouzounas. Hence Kouzounas Kitchen. Most Greeks think I am spelling “Kouzina” wrong lol. Anyway, as you know I was very close to my papou and yiayia, and the rest of the family. My dad has a crazy Greek mustache btw, and that reminded me of your papou’s stache haha. Lovely stories, and it was nice chatting with you today. Btw how do I find you on Twitter? I tried, and couldn’t.

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  1. Wonderful. I’m very happy for you. I will have to purchase a copy soon. Ladies Prism is coming soon to romance the world. Scotian Breeze is the movement, and Treasure Words, Collect Figures is company. History in the making; stay tuned.

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