Travelling to Greece anytime soon……

Travelling to Greece anytime soon......

I always wanted to do a article on this amazing hotel. My two great friends from Greece, Kosmas & Rena Arvanitis are the owners of this magnificent  yet santorinian architectural style. Their beautiful hotel named: Artemis Suites in Santorini, over looks the caldera and has mind blowing views of the Aegean Sea. This hotel is located on the biggest Caldera of the Wolrd, the 4 star boutique hotel is built by native craftsmen using local materials and embellished in the
interiors of vivid colors! This is a perfect place to be with your loved one. If your thinking to Travel to Greece, why not visit Santorini and stay at this beautiful 4 star boutique. Enjoy a nice local glass of wine while you watch the sunset over the sea. Kosmas is featuring a special 7 day spa package that includes aromatic foot and hand massage and much more. Click on the link below to explore these wonders of Artemis Suites in Santorini!


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