Birthday celebration all week and weekend. :)

I am very sorry I haven’t posted any recipes but they are coming tomorrow. (I promise.) It has been a very busy week/ weekend as you can see from my posts. We celebrated my bf’s birthday and mine. I would like to share with you our night last night at a BEAUTIFUL restaurant called, LA HUACA Peruvian food. The food was amazing, the chefs are super talented and I couldn’t ask for a better place to have our birthday celebration with great friends and family. Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us.




Please take a look at La Huaca’s Facebook page as well as their official website. If you are a fan of Peruvian food then you will love this. I personally got to meet all three chefs and they are all from Peru. Thank you to them for making this night special.




I believe this restaurant is very unique in the way that they brought all of their chefs straight from Peru & the dishes are authentic, very tasty and beautiful. If you are ever in Roseville, California, you have to stop by at La Huaca. Cheers~












    • Hi Savynaturalista-
      Thank you very much! We celebrated my bf’s birthday and mine that is tomorrow. I am entering into my 30’s. LOL. Yes the Peruvian place was amazing and I even got to chat with the chefs and we actually went to the same type of culinary school, Cordon Bleu. Thanks for your lovely comments. Cheers


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