Saturday’s Food For Thought: Sugar Sculpting

Happy weekend!!

I was mind blown by this wonderful sugar sculpture made by a pastry chef that I stumbled across on YouTube the other night. My boyfriend and I must have watched this video a few times and couldn’t believe how beautiful this sugar sculpture is. This chef inspired me to try some sugar sculpting, and this is what I came up with. First time doing this, and I was pretty happy with the result. Thank you to the chef for inspiring me to try this out, and I actually will be making more of these.









 Saturday’s Food For Thought- Stages Of Sugar

Soft Ball Stage:

235° F–240° F
sugar concentration: 85%


Firm Ball Stage:

245° F–250° F
sugar concentration: 87%


 Hard-Ball Stage:
250° F–265° F
sugar concentration: 92%


 Soft-Crack Stage

270° F–290° F
sugar concentration: 95%


 Hard-Crack Stage
300° F–310° F
Sugar concentration: 99%



  1. To make the sculpture I made above I had to hit the hard-crack stage. So I went up to 310 degrees.
  2. Then I placed the sugar on parchment paper, and basically made it into a round.
  3. I molded it together to make it into a bowl shape.
  4. (Be careful as the sugar is quite hot.)
  5. I then made a small flower, which I used the extra sugar pieces, and molded them together.
  6. Keep in mind, sugar will crack. If you find areas that crack you can use a blow torch, and lightly torch the end of the sugar pieces, and melt them in place.







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