10 Super Spices That You Should Check Out!

Happy Tuesday to you all.  I have been researching spices that can prevent/ heal cancer and diabetes.  Since both of these run in my family I have been keeping an eye out for what to do or watch within my own diet.


My dad and I have not been doing any sugar for the past week now and I have noticed a significant amount of change within my body.  I will be posting some recipes that will include natural sweeteners like agave nectar.  If you are thinking to throw out your sugars just make sure you don’t go cold turkey.  Try natural sweeteners and eat plenty of fruit.

Please check out this post below for some facts on these 10 Super Spices.  http://www.care2.com/greenliving/10-spices-that-heal-cancer-diabetes-and-more.html?page=2



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  1. We’ve got diabetes running in the family too so I have to be extra careful as well! It’s pretty frustrating though how a great number of products that go by “sugar-free” labels have way more harmful artificial sweeteners, at least here in Greece. I’d rather have a little unrefined sugar in my diet instead of tons of aspartame or the likes… more natural sweeteners like honey, stevia or agave are getting used as of lately but they ‘re still relatively rare in mass production items… did you ever notice it’s hard to find a freaking chewing gum without artificial sweeteners in it??? Like there’s no alternative at all!! Natural-sugars chewing gum? Nah-ah!! Even old time, plain-sugar chewing gum is not an option anymore (which again I’d rather have over artificial sweeteners!)… nope! Same thing with cereal, even whole grain ones (unless they are organic)… argh! :/

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