“Back To My Roots- Cookbook Giveaway!!

HELLO LOVELY PEOPLE!! I haven’t officially posted about my new cookbook yet to this awesome community, because I want to wait until my book hits Amazon! I am working very hard to get it on Amazon hopefully by end of January.

I do happen to have some pre order books left, so if any of you would like to purchase a copy please feel free to do so at kouzounaslive@gmail.com. Please title your email with “Kouzounas Kitchen Cookbook.”


Back To My Roots Cookbook Giveaway Happening Now!!

For those who would like to test their luck, hit the link below and enter into my friend Cheryl’s giveaway. She is amazing to share my new cookbook on her page, and what a sweetheart to give one lucky winner the book. I hope who ever wins, will enjoy my very first cookbook! I will be doing an official post all about my book, and what got me started, and much more. Please tune in next week for a fabulous post on “BACK TO MY ROOTS.”

Please do take the time to visit her Cheffie Cooks Blog, and check out some awesome recipes.  Show the love guys, and let Cheryl know what your favorite recipe is on her blog. 

 >>Back To My Roots Cookbook Giveaway<<


I would especially like to thank you Gina from FoodieWineLover for sharing a fabulous recipe and cookbook review on me, as well as Cheryl for taking the time to do a wonderful Holiday Giveaway!! 11885078_999012580143399_3907559091547048450_n1

Happy Weekend To All~

-Kouzounas Kitchen


    • Thank you sweet friend. It’s been a long journey with Kouzounas Kitchen and I keep going at it. I can’t wait for the day we meet and do a collaboration together. I am proud of you too, and keep up the wonderful posts! ❤️❤️❤️

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