“Back To My Roots” a Greek cook book with a lot of heart and soul

Check out this beautiful post by my friend Maria, blogger at Story of Stefania.
Maria reviewed my cookbook~ Back to My Roots and tried out 5 recipes from the book. Take a moment to read this delightful post, and enjoy her fantastic food photos.

Thank you,

Chef Krystina

Kouzounas Kitchen

Story of Maria

“Back To My Roots” cook book has a permanent spot on my kitchen bench. It is my go to cook book because it has classic Greek recipes that are easy to follow. I have made so many meals from this cook book, my husband is loving all the food I’ve been making!

“Back To My Roots” is written by Krystina Kalapothakos from California, USA. Krystina is an author, chef and blogger of Kouzounas Kitchen. I have been following Krystina’s blog Kouzounas Kitchen for a few years. So when I saw that she had released a cook book, I had to purchase it from online.

[photo credit: Kouzounas Kitchen]

The traditional Greek recipes in “Back To My Roots” are inspired by Krystina’s grandparents village Mani, Greece. I think the reason why I love this cook book so much, is not only are the recipes delicious and easy to make, but as…

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