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Greek Orzo Salad Recipe

  Greek Orzo Salad Recipe One of my all-time favorite Greek salad recipes. It’s basically a Greek salad, with a twist. 🙂 Ingredients:  Orzo 1 1/2 cup (You can do… Read more Greek Orzo Salad Recipe

Delicious Holiday Chocolate Chip Cookies

Happy Friday! I think Friday’s should always include tasty cookies, don’t you? lol On today’s post, I am sharing a healthier chocolate chip cookie recipe that includes Kiklos Greek olive… Read more Delicious Holiday Chocolate Chip Cookies

Delicious Belgian Waffles 

This recipe has been passed down by my aunt Angela from Belgium. She makes the most delicious Belgian waffle cookies!! She passed down her recipe to my mom, and now… Read more Delicious Belgian Waffles 

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