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Saturday’s Food For Thought : Chia Seeds

Happy Weekend to you!! Saturday’s Food For Thought: Chia Seed Facts High In Fiber: Chia is high in fiber helping you stay full longer. High In Omega 3 Fatty Acids:… Read more Saturday’s Food For Thought : Chia Seeds

Greek Food For Thought: Greek Yogurt

1 cup of Greek yogurt can deliver as much protein as eating meat. Greek yogurt has double the protein then most regular yogurts.  Grab yourself a Greek yogurt today and enjoy the health benefits it offers.  🙂

~Saturday’s Food For Thought~

The weekend is here and so are carrots!! As I was making a carrot cake today I thought carrots would be great for today’s food for thought. Saturday’s Food For… Read more ~Saturday’s Food For Thought~

September is almost here!!

I can not believe the summer went by this fast! I was thinking that it was still middle of August today. lol  It’s the weekend!! Happy Saturday and today is FOOD FOR THOUGHT!! 🙂   On today’s Food For Thought, I wanted to talk about Kiwi fruit. ~Saturday’s Food For Thought Is Kiwi~ This fruit is definitely not one of my favorites, but after reading about the great benefits it has to offer, I will eat one.  Kiwi’s have a very rich source of soluble dietary fiber, which makes it… Read more September is almost here!!

Saturday’s Food For Thought

Wakame and its amazing benefits. Wakame is most known to be used in Japanese cuisines such as miso or cucumber salad. Traditional Chinese medicine uses it for blood purification: in Korea woman sip a wakame soup after they give birth to help recovery. Wakame is esp rich in iodine, essential for healthy thyroids.  You will mostly find wakame as a deep green dried strip or flakes. They can be used in soups, salads and much more. Wakame Salad with Cucumbers and Carrots- Serves 8 1/2 oz of dried wakame 3… Read more Saturday’s Food For Thought

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