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Tag: Greek Food Recipes

Eggs Benedict with Tsoureki

Its the weekend and that calls for tasty brunch! After celebrating Greek Easter most of us around the world have an abundance of tsoureki bread left. So each year I… Read more Eggs Benedict with Tsoureki

Tσικνοπέμπτη- Prawn Souvlaki

Happy “smoked Thursday” or better known as Τσικνοπέμπτη in Greece. If you are in Greece now I bet you smell the aromas of smoked meats lingering in the air while… Read more Tσικνοπέμπτη- Prawn Souvlaki

Greek Lemon Potatoes~ Patates Sto Fourno Recipe

Hello foodies! I am so happy to be back on here with another tasty Fall recipe. Greek lemon potatoes are absolutely one of my all-time favorite Greek recipes ever and… Read more Greek Lemon Potatoes~ Patates Sto Fourno Recipe

The Story of Moussaka

Thank you to my dear friend Bill Warry who is a wonderful friend and wine sommelier. Please do check out his amazing article and recipe. You can find out more… Read more The Story of Moussaka

Greek Spanakopita Dip

Hello, my beautiful friends! It has been quiet on Kouzounas Kitchen for many reasons but one major reason comes to mind is my next cookbook is in the works! Although… Read more Greek Spanakopita Dip

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