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Third Greek Dinner Around The World

Happy Greek Dinner Around The World!   Many Greeks are celebrating on January 15 from around the globe. Photo Credit: Keri Douglas Australia, Greece, California, New York, Chicago, Michigan, Texas, Canada, and other places are joining together this evening for some yummy Greek delicacies. Keri Douglas owner of Nine Muses Blog created this fun event three years ago. She wanted Greeks from around the world to celebrate our Greek heritage. This is my third year joining in. This year I decided to create a fun Greek collage of my favorite… Read more Third Greek Dinner Around The World

Οχι Day, Name Day Celebration, and Breaking Bad Cupcakes!

Today is Oxi Day!!!! Oxi Day is a day to commemorate the rejection by Greek Prime Minister Ioannis Metaxas (in power from August 4, 1936, until January 29, 1941) of the ultimatum made by Italian… Read more Οχι Day, Name Day Celebration, and Breaking Bad Cupcakes!

A traditional recipe from my dad’s village in Mani, Greece

This recipe goes way back in time and I asked my dad to come up with a few traditional recipes and here is one of them.  This comes from My dad’s home town, Mani. -Enjoy Maniatiko Chirino Me Patates-( Mani Roasted Pork with Potatoes Recipe) Ingredients- 2 pounds of pork, rinsed and sliced 5 large potatoes, peeled and sliced, and cut into 2 inch pieces 1 cup of extra virgin olive oil salt & pepper 1 garlic- minced 6 tbsp of dried sage 1 tsp of oregano 2 cups of… Read more A traditional recipe from my dad’s village in Mani, Greece

Today’s Featured Recipe Thursday!

This recipe comes from a lady who is Greek, who lives in Belgium. She follows my recipes all the time on Facebook and I would like to thank her for submitting over 11 recipes to me. I love her recipes and they are all very traditional Greek style Recipes. Let’s get cooking!!!! Marina Rigas Manitaropita ( Mushroom pie) Recipe- 7 cups of fresh mushrooms- sliced 1 1/2 cups of fresh yogurt, strained 4 eggs- beaten 1.5 cups of Kefalotiri or Gouda cheese (grated) 4 tablespoons of flour 3 tsp of… Read more Today’s Featured Recipe Thursday!

I love Gaea!!!

They shared 2 of my very own recipes on to their official facebook and pinterest. Please like Gaea and their products!

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