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Tag: lifestyle

The Power of Yoga~ Featured Yogi Semina

I am so excited to share this post with you all. My dear friend Semina Pantazi agreed to come on Kouzounas Kitchen for a feature all about her yogi journey… Read more The Power of Yoga~ Featured Yogi Semina

~Saturday’s Food For Thought~

The weekend is here and so are carrots!! As I was making a carrot cake today I thought carrots would be great for today’s food for thought. Saturday’s Food For… Read more ~Saturday’s Food For Thought~

Saturday’s Food For Thought Is……..

Last night this power food was on my mind for some reason, so I wanted to feature it today. -Blueberries is Saturday’s Food For Thought- Blueberries are one of the healthiest foods. Every time I think of Blueberries, don’t ask me why but I think of Willie Wonka and the chocolate factory. The scene where Violet grabs this certain kind of gum, and turns into a blueberry. I inserted the YouTube video, so I can bring you back to the Willie Wonka days. 🙂 Okay let’s get back to the… Read more Saturday’s Food For Thought Is……..

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