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Another Sunshine Award!!

Sunday is one of my favorite days!! We are having beautiful weather in California, and I just got home from wedding shopping with my little sister, the bride to be. 🙂 Good news, she found the right dress. 🙂   On another note, Kouzounas Kitchen received another Sunshine Award by the lovely Erin over at Thank you very much Erin for nominating us for this great award, and we are looking forward to following many many great recipes of yours. Check out her questions/answers on the Sunshine Award.   Sunshine… Read more Another Sunshine Award!!

New Video On Youtube!!

I am very excited to announce that I posted our first video on YouTube. I would love to share this with all my WordPress friends, and viewers. The video is on Lagana Bread recipe, and this bread is made once a year on Clean Monday, at the start of Lent. Enjoy this video and please please comment, like and subscribe to my channel. I would also love for you to follow on our other social media websites at the links below. Thank you!! Follow Kouzounas Kitchen: Follow On Facebook:… Read more New Video On Youtube!!

Kathara Deftera (Clean Monday)

Today is a very special day in Greece, and around the world. The Greeks celebrate Kathara Deftera which translates to “Clean Monday.”  This is the start of lent among the… Read more Kathara Deftera (Clean Monday)

Saturday’s Food For Thought: Wine & Greek Mythology

Happy weekend to you all! I wanted to start Saturday’s Food For Thought with this: Did you know…. 1 cup of 1% milk has 13 grams of sugar in it?! Interesting huh..??   Saturday’s Food For Thought: Wine & Greek Mythology Wine is a big part of our Greek culture, and as the ancient Greeks would put it, “Wine touches the Greek psyche.” The god of wine, Dionysus, was the son of Zeus and Semele. As the story was told, Zeus destroyed Semele, after she asked him to reveal their… Read more Saturday’s Food For Thought: Wine & Greek Mythology

Fun Greek Facts!

Here are some fun Greek food facts below. Did You Know??? Phyllo dough is named after the greek word for “leaf”, being “as thin as a leaf”. A few well… Read more Fun Greek Facts!

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